Honeymooners in London


Oh, London - How I loved thee! Our honeymoon in London was fantastic! We trekked the city high and low and had the best time. Chuck is such a great travel buddy and we packed our days full of private tours, pub crawls, trying local food, and just getting lost. Getting lost really is one of my favorite things to do while on vacation, I really think that’s when you find the hidden treasures.

While wandering around, we found an awesome tea room called Sketch, little did we know , it is also transformed into a Michelin Star restaurant at night. With floor to ceiling pink walls, pink couches, and eclectic artwork tracing the walls - Chuck and I splurged on delicious tea, scones, and adorable treats.


So afternoon tea was my idea and my day to something fun and girly and this place was definitely both fun and girly. Now it was Chucks turn to plan a day for us, whatever he wanted to do. Chuck is a huge European soccer fan, like huge. Every Saturday he is up at the crack of dawn to watch his favorite team, Chelsea Football Club and what perfect timing they were playing while we were in town! (Just kidding, we literally planned our honeymoon around this soccer game). But the day came, and we headed to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea beat QPR! A wonderful day spent with lots of beer, meat pies, and cheering fans - Chuck definitely  felt like he was home.

Aside from those two days, we also took a private tour of The Tower of London. So fun to learn all of crazy things that happened there, the murders, the beheadings, and oddly it was also a zoo? That made me laugh when I heard that! And luckily we were there during the Poppies and seeing the vibrant red against the gloomy skies was beautiful and seeing all of the people remembering the lives lost during WW1 was a beautiful sight as well.


Hope this gave you an idea of London and all of the amazing additions it has to offer. The history, the people, the food, the nightlife, everything was so fun! Make sure to travel to London when you get a chance - you won’t regret it!