Valentine’s Day Gifts - For Him

Hope you guys got some good ideas for my “Valentine’s Day Gifts - For Her” post! Now onto the guys - I don’t know about you, but I am always struggling to get my guy a gift. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and especially Valentine’s Day! Every time I ask him for ideas he says the same things, “whatever you like babe”. UGHHH!!! I’ve searched high and low for some ideas to get your man on Valentine’s Day, hopefully they help and we aren’t out shopping on Friday the 13th! ~Spooky~


So these are some of the things i am hoping to get my husband on Valentine’s Day! I think they are a nice mix of use and fun - my husband is a huge fan of coffee so a french press is an obvious choice for me!

  1. Uppercut Delux Hair Pomade -
  2. Asos Watch with Embossed Crest Face -
  3. Sandqvist Sune Briefcase -
  4. SterlingPro Coffee and Espresso Maker -

Hope this helped! I think all of these would be appreciated by the guy in your life, and P.S. that briefcase is amazing, I want it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gifts - For Her

[Wiley Valentine –]


It’s that time of year again! There are two types of people in this world – the ones who are obsessed with all things valentines and those who aren’t – booooooo! In case you haven’t guessed yet, I am definitely a Valentine’s Day girl! The colors, the hearts, the candy, the roses – oh the list goes on and on…. And on and on…..

If you’re having a tough time coming up with something to get the special girl in your life – have no fear!

Here is a little list of things I’m currently loving – all with a Valentine twist on it.

I’ve picked out just a couple of my favorite things! Like I said, I’m all about pink and red during this month so of course my favorites had to reflect that! Plus – that XOXO sign, I died! I need it, I might have to show that to Chuck! Take a look at the links below!

  1. Love and Lemons – Be Mine Bra – Nasty Gal
  2. Rebecca Minkoff – Mini 5 Zip Convertible Cross Body Bag
  3. Kendra Scott ‘Alex’ Drop Earrings – Magenta Magnesite/Gold – Nordstrom
  4. Universal Iron Works – Marquee Lights XOXO

Becoming a Goff

Last year I married my best friend. It was amazing, I seriously hope every bride feels like I did on my wedding day. I got married in Palm Springs, CA at an estate called The Sandacre Estate, and it was absolutely beautiful. Having a “destination” wedding is difficult, Palm Springs isn’t as far as Hawaii or other popular Destinations but since mine didn’t have a specific wedding layout or “wedding binder” it was tough. Still completely worth it and the best day of my life…so far! ;)

The estate was the main focus point, it is an old Spanish estate with old Hollywood glam oozing everywhere. Rumor has it, this was one of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite escapes from Hollywood. See that window on the second floor with my dress hanging in it? That’s where Marilyn slept!


Here is Chuck and I in front the gates that enter onto to the property and the green hedges surround the property as well. When you’re inside those gates, you feel like you’re in a different country. But the guests were always reminded of Palm Springs with those picturesque mountains in the background.

My grandfather, Jim, married Chuck and I in the backyard of the Estate. As you can see, it was a lush paradise with winding branches, orange flowesrs, and the famous hedge. Looking at this I feel like we were in Hawaii, but again, those mountains love to make an impression.

(Photography: Nathan Worden Photography - Location: Sand Acre Estate)